About the Rainbow Fund

Fifteen years ago, a small group from Richmond upon Thames visited Cape Town and came face to face with the deprivation suffered by children in the outlying shanty town of Guguletu. As well as extreme poverty and its inevitable side-effects; families crowded into make-shift huts, poor hygiene and sanitation, hunger and disease; we saw the effects of Apartheid-imposed 'Bantu' education, which had resulted in under-educated parents ill-equipped to help their children with their school work.

We were also shown a remarkable after-school homework centre, set up by the Rev. Dr. Spiwo Xapile in some converted shipping containers to help Guguletu's children with basic literacy and numeracy skills. However, the centre had a fundamental flaw: the volunteers who ran it did not turn up regularly because they were not paid. We returned to Richmond determined to help.

What we have achieved so far

We have raised nearly £300,000, which has paid for:

All this has prevented many children 'dropping out' of education altogether. Many are making increasingly good progress at secondary school and a number have already gone on to university.

Why we need your help

How you can help

Our patrons

Lord Joel Joffe CBE
Janet Suzman
Canon Julian Reindorp

Our trustees

Judy Wright (chair)
Berry Ritchie (treasurer)
Frances Bouchier
Martin Brecknell
Deidie Forster
Sue Lloyd
Jo McClellan