Forthcoming Events

Thursday, 21 May

Pupils from the Yehudi Menuhin School will give an evening concert at the church of St John the Divine, Kew Road (a few yards from Richmond station). Introduced by Sir David Attenborough, this will be a memorial event for Jill Grist who died last year - she was the inspiration for the Rainbow Fund. Do make sure you book early for this as well because we know tickets will be much in demand. The school's previous concerts for us have been wonderful. Supper will be served in the church hall after the concert.

Contacts: Judy Wright - phone 020 8940 5786,

David Martin - phone 020 8948 1053,

Recent Events

Sunday, 19 April

Dame Janet Suzman was in conversation with broadcaster Sue Macgregor in St Anne's Church Hall, Kew Green.

Janet and Sue gave us their time and talent generously, as they have on previous occasions. Their conversation was fascinating and much appreciated by everyone who heard them.

18th June 2014

Garden historian and Kew guide Carole Ritchie shared her expert knowledge of plants and trees from around the world during morning and afternoon tours of Denise and Hans Kortekass’s beautiful garden near Richmond Park. The event was very successful, raising over £1,000 for the Rainbow Fund.

12th May 2014

Our secondhand bookstall at Richmond’s annual May Fair made a profit of £360, compared to £300 the previous year.

12th December 2013

Judy Wright gave a fund-raising lunch in support of the Rainbow Fund at her home in Richmond.

30th November 2013

A Spirit of Christmas concert was held at St Mary Magdalene Church in Richmond, when local children supported their peers in Guguletu with music and carols.

11th May 20 2013

Our bookstall at the May Fair in Richmond made a valuable contribution to our funds, in spite of adverse weather.

25th April 2013

Professor Mary Chamberlain chaired a lecture at the Barn Church, Richmond, in which she and several of her fellow ‘recruits’ revealed details of the only recently revealed secret campaign to undermine the Apartheid regime in South Africa by white visitors smuggling leaflets and other propaganda into the country in the early 1970s. Mary herself posed as an immigrant. The campaign had a dramatic impact, as it succeeded in giving the impression that local opposition to the government’s oppressive racial policies was widespread. Examples of the techniques used in this project were displayed, including suitcases with false bottoms and other devices.

The event was widely acclaimed and generously supported.

13th June, 2012

Lunch with Baroness Shirley Williams at the Barn Church, Kew was a success on all fronts. Her talk related brilliantly to her audience and to the Rainbow Fund, which she has supported since its foundation.

12th May, 2012

Our bookstall at Richmond's May Fair again made a valuable contribution to the Rainbow Fund.

Wendy Woods, who with her late husband, the journalist Donald Woods, fought so hard against apartheid, was guest of honour at our fund-raising lunch in Richmond upon Thames on 4th March. She told supporters of the Rainbow Fund: '... I really think that education is arguably the most important element in development in a country. You can be involved in education per se - you can be involved in health or just trying to help deal with poverty - but they all have an education component. And it goes without saying that an educated population not only provides individuals with opportunities to live happier and more fulfilled lives - it also boosts and sustains a country's economy. And as has been said many times - education was the one of the things that the apartheid government consciously and purposefully set out to deprive black South Africans of.

...But since 1994 a huge restructuring of the education system has taken place with the result that huge numbers of black South Africans have and are benefiting from new opportunities. But there are still enormous gaps. With the best will in the world you can't turn round decades of deprivation and centuries of underdevelopment before that - in just a few years.

So that's why the work that the Rainbow Fund is doing is so important.'

Rainbow School - plans and ideas for 2011

Having met with Jo McClennan in December, we can report on our ideas for 2011. In the pipeline are plans to:


We hear from Spiwo that life is really hard for every one in Guguletu and that we are helping many lives with our input at Rainbow. The fact that the school is there and keeps doing what it is in a reliable way is remarkable. So many aspects of life are so unreliable.


If you cannot come to our next fundraiser we would welcome a donation. £10 pays for a pupil's food for a month; £72 pays for a teacher's salary for a month. We will keep in touch.