We are a small charity based in Richmond upon Thames which for the past ten years has been funding a homework teaching project for children living in Guguletu, part of the vast shanty town which visitors to Cape Town pass on their way to and from the airport.

Make no mistake. Apartheid may have ended officially in 1990, but most of South Africa's black children are as poor as ever. Their only hope of improving their prospects is education. However, their resources are pitiful.

The Rainbow Fund is a personal charity. We know the children we help, as well as their teachers and the other people in Guguletu who support them. We also guarantee that every penny we raise benefits them directly. All our work in the UK and Cape Town is voluntary and we make no administration charges.

Please help us as much as you can.

'I have travelled extensively and filmed in South Africa from the late 1970s until the present day, interviewing everyone from children in the townships to Nelson Mandela. I have seen conditions in the Cape Flats and how difficult it is for young people to find calm and space to do their work. The Rainbow Fund's role is ideally suited to help with the problem: direct, hands-on, knowledgeable and imaginative. I strongly recommend you to support it.'

David Dimbleby